Anonymous cowards determined to send me over the edge (you’re too late) 

There are some sick, twisted people out there who have it in for me at the moment.   Someone clearly from the UK tracked down my Craigslist post and sent a long email urging me to give up transition.  Perhaps they’re unaware that I attempted suicide because of living as the other gender. Perhaps they’re happy that reasons that has just piled further pain on top of pain.

 Don’t worry, whoever you are. I’ll be gone soon enough.  But you won’t get to take the credit for it…it’ll be my decision and on my own terms.   I’m broken beyond repair anyway, so all you’re doing is kicking a corpse. 

And as ugly as I am, de-transition is not happening.   Most of my problems are not trans-related.   I hated myself before too and only got by because of drugs and alcohol.   


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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