New anti-dysphoria diet 

I’m done with my disgusting body. I’m not going to completely starve myself, but all I’m eating from here on in is one apple and bran flakes with skimmed milk. I’m eliminating protein from my diet completely and cutting calories down to 200 a day, if that. And maybe I will starve myself if I feel like it’s possible. At the very least, my disgusting belly and disgusting manly arm and shoulder muscles will waste the fuck away and will never come back. I fucking hate my monstrosity 182lb body. I’m done with food and I’m donating the pasta, eggs, potatoes, rice and dried beans to the food cupboard on Monday so that somebody else can benefit from it.  Obviously giving up meat wasn’t enoogh and I need to slash my calories.  

If I get sick, so be it. I’d rather get sick and become frail than continue to see what I see in the mirror and have people comment on my arm muscles.   It’s bad enough being freakishly TALL without looking like a linebacker ans having people comment on my arm muscles. 

And before tou ASSUME that i must have high teaosterone, I’ve been on blockers for almost 4 years and my counts were always either extremely low or untraceable and I’ve had an orchiectomy done.   

DONE with feeding this DISGUSTING BODY. 


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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