The sheer loneliness of transgender life 

For me, the worst part about being transgender isn’t the risk of harassment or abuse, but the sheer loneliness of it.  Few people want to have anything to do with me and even if they do,  I have to worry about my voice or them asking intrusive questions or making comments that could potentially trigger me or pitying me.  I feel like I don’t exist as an actual person anymore.  I’m nothing but a freak, a weirdo, ugly and worthless.   I’m an easy target and my Achilles heel is there for all to see. I walk around with an open wound that never seems to heal, because loneliness and people’s words and actions won’t allow it to heal.  All therapy has been able to achieve is to allow me a safe place to vent.  I can’t even begin to address the past, while the present is so unbearably awful.  Happiness, love and friendship are just words to me: things that happen to normal people.


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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