Finally learning how to do makeup 

I learned a fair bit today about contouring.  In 3 1:2 years of being “me” I’d never attempted it before.  I only do relatively basic makeup.  I resisted the desire to learn more because I got so tired of people telling me to wear more makeup during early transition.   Back then, it was to pass.   Now it’s just something I want to get good at, but on my own terms.  If I ever get any dating opportunities or job interviews, I want to do all I can to mask my ugliness and make a good impression.   

She was really nice anyway and she gave me a load of makeup and brushes that she said she doesn’t use.  I’ve learned a couple of new tricks as far as contouring goes, including a way to soften the appearance of my ugly nose.   I find it difficult to learn from YouTube tutorials and magazines, so it was good having someone there whom I felt safe to ask stupid questions.  I once had former friends try to show me, but they made me feel stupid.  

It gave my uglyface a certain glow anyway and I man I walked past smiled at me and said hello.   Tomorrow I’m going to experiment with a darker bronzer though, as I want to bring out my cheekbones more, as they’re one of the few non-ugly parts of my body.   I also learned how to mask the dark circles under my eyes.   


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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