Retail therapy

Despite the struggle as far as not being able to carry as much as I used to, I got my main weekly grocery shopping done.  The bus ride was a bit stressful on the way back.  I had to stop several  times on the way from the bus stop to my apartment building, because the bags were too heavy.  I had to endure the embarrassment of getting whistled at by 2 old-ish guys sitting on a wall as I dropped 2 of my bags.

I noticed a little hole in one of my Vans shoes.  I loved those shoes, but they lasted me over 3 years, so I got my money’s worth out of them.   I just bought a pair of pink Converse on eBay, which I’ll most likely receive early next week.  I also bought a spaghetti strap dress and some bracelets.

Aside from grocery shopping, I’ve been at the clinic most of the day.  The care management side is quieter than usual, so I got to use the desktop computer.  I’m going to read when I get back home, even though I find the story a little too triggering, as it touches on loneliness.

I’ve not had much luck on OK Cupid yet, but I’ve had a ton of likes and matches.  I don’t message anyone first, for fear of abuse.  The messages I’ve received so far have mostly been from weirdos, or people who remember me from my old OK Cupid profile, because Rochester is like a small town in that sense.

I feel okay-ish at the moment, although I know it won’t last.  The weekend is fast approaching and I know the loneliness is going to ht me like a ton of bricks.


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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