This is not a safe place anymore. 

It seems that this blog is no longer a safe place for me to share my thought, because things get misconstrued and 2 people have managed to trigger me today.   I don’t need the stress right now.  I know I’m ugly, different, weird, disgusting, too tall, too dumb.  That I should embrace loneliness and being weird / different which I am NOT yet I have been judged as such.  

No wonder I’m alone.  I don’t want to be different or seen as different.  There’s nothing good in this life about being weird, as some of you have called me, offline and online.  I can’t even talk without someone thinking they know what’s best or even telling me that I’m having second thoughts about transition.  

I’m fed up with being eternally misunderstood.   By telling me how different I am you are just making it worse by reinforcing my insecurities and I don’t need that.   All I wanted  was a livable life, complete with friends, love, the ability to work and function….things that most of you take for granted.   Thank you for making those things feel even more out of reach.


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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