Will you PLEASE stop commenting on my height or asking how tall I am!

I wish people would SHUT UP about my height. Once again:

“I saw you yesterday and noticed how tall you were. How tall are you?” – random person waiting for the elevator

I didn’t even answer her and I looked away after she said that. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t say “I couldn’t help but notice how fat you are, how much do you weigh?”

Same shit, only WORSE when it comes to my height and the wave of dysphoria it causes.  If I were normal height and overweight, I would bust my ass to lose that weight. I can’t lose height. I wish people would be more sensitive because one day I’m going to lose all my anxiety and bite someone’s head off on the spot and embarrass them, just like these questions and comments hurt me by reminding me of something I would rather forget.


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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