Seemingly ‘Simple’ Things That I Struggle With Or Am Unable To Do Alone

I made a list of things that I find either difficult or impossible.  Some people look at me like I’ve got 6 heads when I try to explain many of them.  I think my parents were always in denial that anything was wrong with me, but they wrote me off as being “practical, not academical” when I was around 13-14 and expressed interest in going to university.  The funny thing is, I have never been ‘practical’ either. I am not only terrible with my hands, but I am slow and downright clumsy.  My learning difficulties were never addressed and I was allowed to drift.  I’m paying for my mistakes now, having no degree or any formal qualifications beyond UK high school GCSE’s.   

Seemingly ‘Simple’ Things That I Struggle With Or Am Unable To Do Alone

  1. Tying or braiding my hair.  I can’t do this at all and in the past, people have done it for me.  Its a major pain, because I have long hair and I live in a place that has a lot of wind. I can’t even use hair ties.
  2. Fastening necklaces and some bracelets.   Just like the tying my hair issue, this is something else I cannot do on my own.
  3. Assembling boxes. Its not that I can’t do this, but it takes me longer than most people.
  4. Food preparation. I’m actually a very good cook, just as my mother and her mother before her is / was.  However, I am very prone to dropping things and breaking crockery and utensils.  I constantly spill things, although I am always quick to clean up any mess.
  5. Video games.   There are many video games I just can’t play, especially if they involve the use of quick button combinations.  Fortunately, most of the games I like are fantasy RPGs, which are generally slow pace and more cerebral.
  6. Store checkouts Paying at the checkout is always an anxiety provoking thing for me anyway, but I often drop cards, money and make a fool of myself.  I also struggle with self-service checkouts and I take longer than most people to use them.
  7. Eating. Sometimes I embarrass myself when eating, because of my tendency to drop cutlery or spill something. It is one of the reasons why I don’t like eating in front of other people.
  8. Clothing items that tie or button. I struggle with some items of clothing, especially certain bras, bikinis and some dresses.   I cannot tie or fasten anything on my neck or back.  Buttons are often difficulty for me too.  

Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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