The basic human need to socialize and dangerous advice that encourages us to accept loneliness

I’d like to pick this quote apart, if I may. I do not agree with it:

Human beings are social creatures and have been so since the dawn of time.  The need to socialize is almost as hardwired into humans as our need for food and shelter.  We need both company and competition in order to be physically and mentally healthy.

Article: We truly are social animals: Loneliness as bad for your health as obesity, study shows

Being told that you need to learn to love your own company may seem empowering, but it is actually bad advice.  Such advice is essentially a copout.  It does nothing to address the 21st century epidemic of loneliness and social isolation.  It demands that lonely individuals go against their hardwired need to socialize, rather than switch the focus to the disease of loneliness that is an epidemic of modern society.

It is almost a form of victim-blaming to place the onus of wellness on chronically lonely individuals.  It’s like telling a hungry person to accept starvation, rather than give them food and empower them to feed themselves.

Loneliness has been proven by multiple studies to be a health hazard and a cause of premature death in human beings.  I can cite my own experiences as one ofcountless examples of this.  I do not accept loneliness as something we should be normalizing.  Instead z we should focus on making society more inclusive and encouraging the restoration of communities and extended families.  The price paid for decades of fostering and encouraging individualism is an epidemic of loneliness and social isolation that now affects young people too, not just the elderly.  

As for the Mandy Hale quote, it is a little ambiguous as to its actual meaning, but it implies that you should learn to do something which goes against human nature.  For that reason alone, such advice is dangerous to the individual and to society as a whole.  Better advice would be:

“Accept that as human beings, we need to socialize, but it’s important to find the right people in your life and to not look to them to solve your problems.”.


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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