Gender blindness is extremely invalidating

There are many who believe that gender blindness is a good thing.  Those who are gender blind say things like:

“I treat men and women the same”
“People are people”
“I don’t notice gender”

I was having a conversation with a former male friend on Kik last night and he said this, which instantly set me off:

While statements like those may seem harmless, I find them to be extremely invalidating and dismissive of my struggles, as far as spending almost 4 years fighting for my gender identity and to be recognized for it.  I’m tired of such people referring to me as a “person”, as if I were some sort of genderless entity.

The truth is that men and women are generally not the same.  If they were and if gender was not important, why would transgender petiole go through years of physical transition?  I’m not only a person – I’m a WOMAN.

One of the two reasons why I decided to go back to identifying as bisexual rather than pansexual is because many pansexuals are gender blind and I can’t accept that.

Any form of blindness is is bad. Racial blindness may seem like a positive thing on the surface, but it dismisses past and present struggles of people of color and ethnic minorities.  The same goes for people who are against feminism because they call themselves humanists and view all humans equally.  Both gender and racial blindness also ignore the fact that privilege exists and makes the assumption that all human beings operate on a level playing field, which is utter nonsense.

Gender blindness is a form of negativity, in my opinion. For me, it feels almost as bad as what misgendering would feel like, in the sense that it also invalidates my female identity and femininity.  If you want to be an ally, dont be blind to a transgender person’s gender identity.  


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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