More Frightening Motel Drama

I was about to leave my room to heat up my microwave meal when this happened close to my room (skip to 0:17 when it gets loud):

Screaming, Banging Crazy People at the Motel

Needless to say, I’m not going to be leaving my room today.  This is the fourth scary, anxiety/PTSD invoking incident here in less than seven days.  I don’t care that nothing has happened to me yet; the chances are something had will happen, unless I confine myself to my room and go completely crazy. 

I want to go home, wherever’home’ is.  There’s no one I can call for help here.

If you know me personally and you’re reading this, please help me.  I’m running out of time.


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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