Tired of being hurt by transgender people…

If you’re a transgender woman, please unfollow me. I’m tired of being triggered and hurt. I’m tired of people assuming my problems are due to transition and the assumption that I’ve not been doing this for very long.

I am not like you; I am not one of you.  I’ve had no help transitioning, just more wounds inflicted by people that I thought would understand.  Unlike you, I don’t pretend to care just to make myself feel ‘more trans’ than somebody else.  I’m done caring about the rights of selfish, flaky people who I have nothing in common with.   My problems are NOT transition related, so fuck you for making it seem that way and pretending to care, when all you care about is making yourselves look more trans and more female. 

So please hit ‘unfollow’ and comment on who you are so that I.can unfollow you.  I’m sorry it has to come to this, but once again someone has further damaged my mental health and already negative self-confidence.  I hate you all for it….you’ve damaged me more than any demographic.   When I end my life, it will be partly because you doubted me, rather than listened to me and helped me build confidence

Transphobic?  You bet your ass I am.  To the entire transgender community (binary and non-binary), this is my message to you:


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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