Two pieces of great news!

It seems that this shitty year is ending on a positive note, for me at least.

The first piece of GREAT news is that the attorney that handled my legal name and gender change received a letter from USCIS for me to attend their location in Buffalo for fingerprinting on January 9.  I’m happy because that is the final piece needed to get my name and gender legally changed as far as Homeland Security is concerned (I’m not a US citizen, so my name and gender change is an immigration issue, rather than a court issue).  I forwarded the email to my care manager, as he will be taking me to Buffalo.  After that, I should receive my new permanent resident card with the correct name and gender marker. I can then get everything else changed and can finally get my Florida drivers license transferred to a New York license, also with the correct name and gender marker.

The name change is huge.  I’d already changed it in the UK when I went back 2 years ago, with comparative ease.  This will help me enormously when it comes to confidence for when I’m mentally ready to look for work. It will be one less enormous obstacle, which will make job hunting and going for job interviews so much less daunting.  My dead name will finally die in both my country of citizenship / home and my country of birth.

The second piece of great news is that my care manager finally got conformation that my cash assistance will be fixed as they’ve figured out the problem.  Of course, I’ll believe it when I see it, but either way it’s progress.

Going up a cup size over the last few months is great too, though now two of my old bras no longer fit comfortably.  

2016 – the worst year of my life has at least ended on an extremely positive note.  There’s still tomorrow to get through, but hopefully nothing bad will happen.   


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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