I’m no ‘role model’ (don’t be like me) 

Plesse do not look up to me as some sort of role model.  You DO NOT want to end up like me.  Don’t make the mistakes I made.  Do the following instead:

– Don’t drop out of high school. 

– Do go to college, or get some sort of vocational work based qualification. 

– Don’t abuse alcohol and stay away from drugs.

– Read as many stories as you can, so as not to lose your sense of imagination.  

– Don’t be afraid to ask questions – question as much as possible.  

– If you’re being bullied, do all you can to get help and talk to someone about it. 

– Accept that your parents are flawed just like you are and that sometimes they’ll fuck up.  

– Do not get in debt unless you absolutely have to. 

– If you’re LGBT, come out /transition as early as possible.  If your parents won’t let you, wait until you’re 18 and start your life at college.  I wish Leelah Alcorn could’ve received this advice. 

– Do not allow people to make you believe that you’re somehow not good enough or smart eoough. 

– If you find your soulmate / true love,do ALL YOU CAN to make them feel loved, safe and wanted.  Do not get complacent and take that love for granted. 

– Be careful who you trust, but be careful not to push the wrong people away.  

– Work hard, but remember that a job or career is meant to enhance your life, not make it worse. 

– If you suffer from mental illness, please do not be ashamed to ask for help and do not bury your problems or self-medicate.

– To not allow people to walk all over you, abuse your kindnesses or treat you like a human doormat.  


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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