More Transphobic Abuse On OK Cupid 

I’m probably going to delete my OK Cupid account.  I’m tired of getting abuse, especially from people who don’t bother to read the VERY FIRST part of my profile, which states:

“Before you read any further, I am a transgender female. If that is not for you, please just move along.”

The idiot clearly didn’t read that, or the part where I mentioned that I do not have an active phone.  I dod not click ‘like’ on his profile, nor did I even visit his profile (he found me). 

While I sort of regret stopping to his level after he insulted me, it was necessary.  Usually I don’t even respond, but his sheer stupidity warranted it.  It’s not my fault that he got ‘caught out’.  I’m not there to trick anyone, contrary to common belief.

With the ‘open season’ on hate against minority groups and marginalized people, it’s time I deleted that account.  There is no point in me being on there anyway, being as I’ve lost all hope for myself and for humanity.  It was only meant for a bit of a distraction and a chance for me to at least feel a little ‘human’.  I realized long ago that finding love was out of the question.  


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

1 thought on “More Transphobic Abuse On OK Cupid ”

  1. its certainly their fault if they cant look at a profile that tells them everything they need to know. some people are dicks of course. and if it wasnt about the process of becoming more you, it would be something else– anything at all, really. for example…


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