Hate Prevails – Humanity Never Learns

Trump has as good as won. I am speechless. The people have chosen hate. They’ve chosen to unleash a shit-storm that will unleash all sorts of chaos and turmoil on everyone.

I am disgusted, angry and terrified for myself and more so for other minorities who are probably going to lose all manner of protections. Women, transgender people, gay people, immigrants and people of color are all at risk now. I don’t give a fuck if it was a “protest vote” or you really supported Trump, you are an enemy now. You have enabled whatever madness will be unleashed from January onwards.

This has crushed the last slither of hope I had left for my own situation and for humanity in general. I’ve nowhere to go now and can’t even return to the UK because something almost as bad is happening there (Brexit).

It is sad that many of you fail to learn from humanity’s past mistakes. I’m sure the German people are in total shock, seeing the news as it unfolds.

This is the dawning of a new era – one of divisiveness, hated, revenge, persecution, war, poverty and lord knows what else. Trump didn’t seize power by violent means. The election wasn’t rigged. People CHOSE this path when they went to the ballot box. And if any of my predictions come true, history will judge you harshly for what you’ve started.

I wish I could hate you for it, but I pity you and your new Führer. I can’t do anything about this, except make a choice to opt out. And I’m going to do that before you get to persecute me for who I am and take away my rights.

Fuck your hatred and divisiveness
Fuck your racism and xenophobia
Fuck your misogyny and sexism
Fuck your vile hated of the less fortunate
Fuck your transphobia and homophobia
Fuck Donald Trump and Mike Pence


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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