Brexit Heartbreak (Home Isn’t Home Anymore)

Because of Brexit (the British people voting to leave the European Union) and my inability to assimilate on the two occasions I tried to move back, I know that returning to the UK is no longer an option. For years, I clung onto this idealistic notion of the Britain I remember – the one I left in early 2004. That version of Britain no longer exists.

Xenophobia, racism and bigotry won the battle against common sense and preserving the UK’s reputation as a tolerant, welcoming and progressive society. The referendum result is only the beginning of the downward slide. Hate crime has seen a significant spike since the referendum result was announced:

U.K. Sees Surge in Hate Crimes After Brexit Vote – Time Magazine

Brexit, racial and religious hate crimes and homo-, bi- and trans*phobia – why they are all linked – Open Democracy

Homophobic attacks in UK rose 147% in three months after Brexit vote – The Guardian

Britain has been a member of the European Union since long before I was born. So not only was Britain my home, but I also considered the wider European Union my home too. The latter has been taken away from me by bitter old Eurosceptics and racists who just want “bloody foreigners out”. It’s like being a US citizen living in Texas, then Texas seceding from the union against your will. Suddenly your US passport is now solely a Texan passport, so your right to live anywhere in the United States has been taken away (just to put it into perspective).

Well done; You’ve probably sabotaged the UK’s economy, the effects of which will start to be truly felt when Prime Minister, Theresa May triggers Article 50 and the negotiating and untangling process begins. You have cut off your nose to spite your face. And people like Nigel Farage of UKIP and that blundering idiot Boris Johnson has essentially committed treason by lying to the British public in order to convince them to vote to leave. You have fueled the fires of racism, xenophobia and even homophobia, which has directly led to the surge in hate crimes against minorities. When corporations and businesses realize that it’s irreversible, the cutbacks will follow, leading to a recession and a rise in unemployment and spiraling inflation.

The reality is that I’ll probably never be able to return to the UK to live. It is no longer an option to fall back on and I can no longer hold onto idealism, because that is all in the past. The UK I knew and grew up in is long gone and has been replaced by an alien country, to which I do not belong.

I hope that I can either settle in this part of the United States (Western New York State) or that I can find another part of the United States I’ll eventually be able to call ‘home’. New England came very close to that, although I didn’t live there for long enough to really settle. But if home is going to be found anywhere in the United States, the northeast region is the best bet, as it is the the most similar to Western Europe in many respects.

Even if Trump wins (which I hope and pray doesn’t happen), I doubt he’d be re-elected for a second term, so four years of Trump will not be as devastating as the permanent damage that Brexit will do to the UK’s economy and to the very fabric of the nation and the union.

It breaks my heart to know that I can never go home, because ‘home’ doesn’t exist anymore.


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

4 thoughts on “Brexit Heartbreak (Home Isn’t Home Anymore)”

  1. I feel you. I was planning on going to the UK to work, because some of my best friends and parts of my family come from there, but considering Brexit, which will take place two years before I would have been able to move (due to my studies), this won’t happen anymore. I chose an international university, because I wanted to be able to work in english speaking countries without having to prove my language proficiency and so on but the US are most likely no option to me and the UK had chosen to leave the union. The amount of time invested into my studies is literally worthless, regarding the international aspect. Well maybe Canada would accept me (though my french is not the best anymore 😉 ) .
    I hope that one day the home you knew comes back. I hope that trump doesn’t happen as well. Maybe all turns out to be good in the end. Who knows?
    Stay strong though!

    p.s.: please excuse my grammar, I am used to the German one with lots of commas and other useless gramma rules no one seems to obey, it has been said I transfer that to english. In case I do, please note that I am sorry and ignore it 😉

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    1. Excuse your grammar? You write better in English than most native English speakers! Do not apologize ;).

      I’m sorry you have to go elsewhere to study. It’s the UK’s loss. They’re going to lose money from international students and all because of xenophobic little islander attitudes. I will never go back there to live. The US is my home now anyway, for the most part. The U.K. I loved is long gone.

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      1. The thing is, I am already in the midst of my studies – medicine takes quite some time and the goal was the UK one day. (I couldn’t afford studying there in the first place as they have horrendous fees somehow and therefore I am now studying in Latvia – they copied the British medschools and are offering the same education for way less.)
        So the only reason for me to leave Germany and go to Latvia in term of studying was a possible job abroad one day… I literally could have stayed at home now with the recent developments.

        Excuse me excusing 😉 It is a german thing, I guess 😉

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      2. I apologize on behalf of the British people that did not want this Brexit (more than 48% because lots of people failed to vote). I hope you are able to complete your studies. To be honest, the U.K. isn’t as welcoming as it once was towards foreigners anyway. It has gotten worse.

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