A Lonely Halloween 

I’m writing this ‘offline’ as the internet went down four hours ago at the motel I’m staying in, which is pretty bad, as I’m now essentially ‘cut off’ from the outside world.  Knowing my luck (or lack thereof) it won’t be fixed for days.  No one can reach me by email now and I have no way of communicating with my mother or anyone else. 

This is singlehandedly the most depressing Halloween I’ve ever experienced.  I’m alone in a dark motel room with no way of reaching anyone.  I could die and no one would discover my body for at least 48 hours.  While people are out having fun or having a night in with their friends, families and loved ones, I’m just here alone in the darkness, illuminated by the lights from the nearby highway.  I wish that I could experience the happiness, fun and togetherness that most people have and take for granted, especially on days such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Something tells me that the upcoming holiday period is going to be a very lonely and painful time.  

I took my medication early, so hopefully I’ll fall asleep anytime soon, before I start losing my mind.


It’s now 2:30am and the internet is finally back.  I’m very relieved at that, at least.  I was beginning to panic. 


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

6 thoughts on “A Lonely Halloween ”

  1. Hi from New Zealand. I hope you are feeling better now you can communicate. I guess it wouldn’t bother me much as nobody bothers to contact me anyway. Have a nice day and safe travels.

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      1. Wish I could come and give you a hug, perhaps that would help both of us to feel a little better. I have lots of issues in my life and I know that there is no easy answer. If there is anything I could give you advice on just let me know. I could try and help. Bye for now. Roger

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      2. Thanks hun. I don’t think there’s anything much anyone can do. I just have to ride it out and hope or the best. It doesn’t help that I now find myself alone in a strange city. I have to find a way though. I can offer you internet hugs though 🙂


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