Saved By The Kindness Of A Stranger

Full steam ahead with the legal name change, thanks to my attorney. I’ve signed the immigration form and fee waiver form which will be filed today. Now it’s just a case of waiting for a letter from USCIS to request that I attend their location in Buffalo (New York) for fingerprinting. Once I get my new permanent resident card back in 9 months or so, I can then get everything else changed, including Social Security, my health insurance and I can open a bank account and get a New York drivers license in my correct name and gender.

If I can somehow lay low for the next few months and perhaps work on my mental health issues, maybe I’ll survive and maybe there will be a light at the end of this seemingly endless dark and lonely tunnel. Once that name is dead and buried, I’ll never feel tempted to go back to the UK ever again.

The only stress today came in the form of my cab not showing up, causing me to be stranded at an out of town office park. I waited for over 3 hours and had a bit of a panic attack. In the end, it was the kindness of a random stranger that got me home safe. She was on her way to a church meeting and went out of her way to take me home, even though it meant that she’d be late. It goes to show that not all religious people are anti-LGBT. Without her help, I would still be stranded. I had no phone and no way to contact anyone via email. I don’t know what happened to the cab, because they said they were waiting for me twice. Anyway, sometimes people surprise you with their kindness.

I probably shouldn’t be bothering with online dating, but I am using it as a distraction.  Most of the guys on there are time wasters, but I’ve found a couple of seemingly decent ones to talk to.  It’s not like I’m good enough or stable enough for anyone anyway.

To change the subject, here are some random photos I took today of fall colors here in the eastern segment of Rochester:


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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