Nightmares Involving Demonic Posesssion 

I woke from a seemingly endless nightmare I had, involving demonic possession.  I’m not sure why I have these quite regularly, but this one was particularly terrifying and long.  

I was cast back to my childhood in the dream.  We were living in a house I’ve never seen before – me, my mum, my (former stepdad and 2 younger brothers and a little sister I never knew I had.  In the dream, the ghost / demon was causing havoc, but I was getting blamed for it.  It killed one of our pets and would write scriptures on the walls that I was blamed for.  I was so trrrified one time that I couldn’t even scream.  In the latter part of the dream, I found myself in my mum’s old back garden at the house in Wolverhampton (England) that we lived in.  I remember that I was trying to bury something, but I don’t remember what exactly (maybe myself or a part of myself?). 

I’m not sure why I keep having similar dreams.  I’m still convinced rhat *something* was done to me some time ago.  There is plenty of other evidence to support this.  I just don’t know what to do (see earlier entry ‘Cursed’). 

I’m too scared to go back to sleep.  I’m too scared too give any more thought space to the possibility that a spell may have been cast on me that I can’t get rid of.  What if demons exist?  That is too terrifying to think about.  It also adds more hopelessness to my situation. 

I wish I had someone here to hold me for a while.  I need to feel safe.  


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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