So tired of being hurt by other transgender people 

I have not had luck with the transgender community.  I feel just as much of an outcast within that community as I do anywhere else.  For the second time, a transgender individual has done an immense amount of damage.  I asked her a simple question:

But you also think I look like a freakish man?”  (See comments in ‘Re-opened Wounds’ post)

Instead of answering the question as to whether I not only look like an 80 year old male, she deflected (like a politician would who refuses to answe a specific question) and gave me the usual ‘female inside’ bullshit that 3 years into transition is highly insulting.  I kept asking her and she kept deflecting, so I got angry and asked her to unfollow me. 

I unfollowed another transgender person on here who was a clear narcissist.  That seems to be common in the transgender community.  They claim they’re helping, but they are M week doing so to make themselves feel better about their own transition.  

I am still devastated by the abuse on OK Cupid and disappointed that a transgender person has essentially confirmed that what was said about me is true. 

I can’t do this anymore.  I have therapy later and I’m at the point where I’m not going to tell my therapist how bad things are and how close I am to the edge.  It is all a waste of time.  Despite taking extra sleeping meds, I can’t sleep. This bullshit is circling around in my head and eating me alive.   I would end my life right now, if that were even possible.  I am finished at this point.  

I’ve found a way out.  Plan X needs to become reality, before any further decline in my mental health which might render me incapable. 


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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