Potential stay of execution, slightly elevated mood 

My mood has been a little “up” today.  I have tried my best to avoid the news as much as possible, as it is quite triggering and depressing at the moment, following the referendum.

Today, I cleaned the house I’m staying in as its my last night here before I have to go back to my mum’s.   The solitude has been both nice, but I’ve had a little too much time to think.   I managed to go out earlier, dropped off my prescription and did a bit of grocery shopping, taking a slow walk back via the river footpath. 

I reactivated my OK Cupid account, as I’m determined to find a Scottish guy desperate enough to date me.  I’ve not had much luck yet, apart from the usual suspects looking for “fun”.  One guy seemed keen until he read the “transgender” part and stopped messaging me.  This happens a lot and it’s frustrating when the FIRST thing my profile says is “I am transgender”.  I always read profiles thoroughly before even clicking the “like” button.

The weather is better and it’s nice to be able to dress for warmer weather.  I miss being able to do it almost all the time in Florida, although my default costume there was shorts, a tank top and flip flops; hardly appropriate for the much cooler English East Midlands. 

Anyway, I haven’t made any decisions yet.  I may have a longer stay of execution than I’d originally thought.  I hope my mood holds up, as it’s currently allowing me to see other possible options, albeit not even close to a glimmer of hope.  For now I’m just making the most of “summer” westher, as I tend to feel more confident when I don’t have to wear a coat.  


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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