Trans-exclusionary radical feminism

I am an intersectional feminist, as I strongly believe that feminism needs to incorporate all women whose struggles may not solely lie with sexism and sex discrimination.  Such women include women of color, poor women, non-monosexual women and *gasp* transgender women. 

I don’t understand why TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) feminists hate transgender women so much. What makes it difficult for me to fathom is that many TERFs are gay women, also part of the LGBT community. Gay people (women and men) were also denied many rights in the past and discriminated against and harassed for simply being who they are, so why would any minority wish the same (or worse) on another minority?

It’s like claiming to be anti-racism, but hating a particular race you just don’t like. As a feminist, why would you seek to exclude and even cause harm to transgender women, many of whom )like myself) are feminists themselves?   Do they not realize that they are actually going against what feminism stands for by attempting to force transwomen to comply with gender roles in accordance with tneir assigned birth sex? 

I’ve been the victim of TERF abuse in the past, either on lesbian/bi women’s groups or on dating sites, where I was even attacked and told to “Please kill yourself” by a particularly angry one for just viewing her profile on OK Cupid (I didn’t even click “like”, never mind message her).   I’m actually glad that I’m not a lesbian and am attracted to men and women, so I can at least completely avoid the perils of trying to find a trans-friendly lesbian partner.

I’ve decided to speak out against many “ills” of society and I’m past caring if I get wounded in the process.  I don’t hate TERFs or any other feminist; I just want to understand and educate so they don’t enforce the myth that transwomen are dangerous predators.  Many of us (including me) have been victim of such predators. 

But if you say “Transwomen are men pretending to be women” my response will be “You are a transphobic hate-monger disguised as a feminist”.  Any abuse I receive for speaking my mind will merely empower me, even if it kills me (which would probably make a lot of TERFs happy).  


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

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