I know I’m tall, so please stop reminding me!

It seems that many people have a natural inclination to make a comment if they see a tall person.  Examples are “Do you play basketball?”, “How’s the weather up there?” or “Oh my you’re tall, how tall are you?”   As a tall girl, I find these comments very offensive and hurtful, even if they are not intending to be. 

I do not like my height.  Just like being transgender, I prefer to simply not be reminded of something I cannot change.   To put it bluntly, just shut the fuck up.   My height has been one of the main causes of my pain for as long as I can remember.  I was born with Beckwith-Wiedenann Syndrome, which is responsible for most of my flaws, including my height.  My height is one of the issues that kept me from transitioning in the first place.  Even though most of my height is legs, it makes it difficult to get pants in women’s sizes and even more difficult to get shoes (upper body is not a problem and I can easily buy clothes off the rack). 

If you saw and overweight person or a short person, you wouldn’t comment unless you were a total asshole and wanted to offend them.  So why do you comment on a tall person’s height?  Some people love being tall, but most tall women I have known do not.   And the worst thing about being tall: unlike being overweight, no diet or exercise will ever make me short enough to feel comfortable in my own skin.   I know I’m not the only one offended by such comments.  I honestly wish people would either keep quiet or comment on what I’m wearing or something.   

My height is also a major cause of my social anxiety and to an extent, my gender dysphoria.  It is difficult to find a boyfriend as it is just with being transgender and ugly, never mind find a guy willing to date a girl taller than him or as tall. 

Stop commenting on people’s height!


Author: Becca

Dead to the world, dead inside.

5 thoughts on “I know I’m tall, so please stop reminding me!”

  1. Being well over 6 foot tall myself I feel your pain. Pants and shoes are difficult. Either purchasing them on line or stick to wearing skirts or dresses. Being head and shoulders above most every one with out heels is dis heartening and then our posture suffers from trying not to be so tall. Which really shows the maleness of a trans woman. Blah I feel ya girl.

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      1. Yes it really sucks. My wife is five one I’m like six three or four. Add heels and if it’s just us together I stick out and comments all the time. So I try to stay seated when we are out.


  2. I’m short and get commented on it a lot. It does suck. It’s all those lame conversation starters that people autopilot to. Small talk. It’s all usually insensitive in someone. Commenting on how people look, their weight, their choice of clothes… Asking people what they do. I wonder what a list of healthy alternatives would be. Someone once suggested asking what’s your story instead of so what do you do. But I’ve had people ask me what’s my story and I felt it rather rude and intrusive. Hmmm

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